Having a residence on both coasts of the United States, specifically in the New York City and Los Angeles metro areas.
Me and thousands of other Americans are bicoastal.
by mahcheese August 27, 2008
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Having allegiance to or indecisiveness between the East and West coasts of the United States, particularly New York and Los Angeles.
He's so bicoastal he doesn't know whether to root for the Yankees or the Dodgers.
by Raymond Dang May 8, 2006
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Someone, often a bobo or a limousine liberal, who haunts both coasts and ignores what's in between; see red states.
He was so bicoastal he'd never heard of Omaha except in ads for mail-order steak.
by Cornholio October 30, 2003
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Down low word to express that a dude is bisexual.
Tony’s tinder profile says “Bicoastal Tony”. He calls himself this so that down low dudes swipe right.
by Chitwood the networker May 25, 2023
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(American) A person who believes that the only things worth paying attention to are on the East and West coasts.
The media are full of bicoastal bigots who can't be bothered with anything that happens in Minneapolis, no matter how momentous.
by robfrank December 28, 2010
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Bicoastal Drunk Texting (BDT) most commonly occurs with friends living on opposite ends of the country, separated by several time zones. Someone on the East Coast will start drinking at normal hours and then start drunk texting or sexting their friends. What they don't consider is that their West Coast counterparts are three hours behind, so they start receiving these drunk texts and sexts in the late afternoon/early evening.
Bicoastal Drunk Texting (BDT)

Messages 9pm ET:
"I want you right now baby!"
"I'm so wasted! Ahhhh I want you NOW!"

Recipient at 6PM PT:
"Wow...she's wasted and I haven't even eaten dinner yet."
"The future looks bright. I want to be you in 3 hours!"
"I love it when you BDT me baby."

Bicoastal Drunk Texting (BDT)
by Daniel Boooone May 25, 2011
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