hanging out or chillin,even partying

(a word frequently used by trinidadians)
(Eg) we were limin on the corner

we were hanging out on the corner

(eg) i was limin with some friends

i was hanging out with some friends

(eg) me an my friends went out to lime last night

me an my friends went out to party last night
by trini boy January 10, 2009
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Limin ( li'-min ) (n) a conscious perception of one's surroundings; awareness. (v, possessive) to be aware of one's surroundings;

Word Creation:
Definition of subliminal: a subtle sensory stimulus that one is not aware of its existence but may in some manner respond to it; below the threshold of conscious perception

So ... removing the greek prefix of sub- (meaning under, less than), liminal should mean the threshold of conscious perception, and noting that the suffix -al means the act of, being ...
Noun Uses:
Ex Joey had such a limin that he had to tell his mom.
Ex I feel like my limin is off today

Verb uses:
I chose to be limining instead of letting my mind wander.

A person can never have too much limin, there is no absolute liminal state; talking with others about one's limin becomes a comparative / relational noun.

Other possible uses:
Liminly experiencing the music festival
The liminable judge carefully examined the evidence before her.

"You totally don't limin!"
by Doc DJG July 21, 2006
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The hypothesis that limina (structure-of-time) spins creating space.
Liminism is the base stone of metatheism; the worship of space.
by metawave November 23, 2019
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A message delivered directly, but without a strong, commanding presense. See also superliminal
Subliminal message: "Yvan eht nioj!"

Liminal message: "Recruits are desperately needed by our country for the naval reserve. By joining the navy, you can help defend the freedom of America."

Superliminal message: "HEY, YOU! JOIN THE NAVY!"
by Mashuren May 3, 2005
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To travel without a purpose or destination
I just limin through town with my crew
by Boyakasha April 10, 2005
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