Lil Mosey is a 15 year old rapper from Seattle, Washington who recently blew up from his song "Pull Up" in late 2017, smokes weed, drinks lean and is way better than Lil Pump.
Person 1: "Ayy you heard of Lil Mosey?"
Person 2: "Yeah man"
by GlitchedDoubleCheeseTaco March 24, 2018
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A decent rapper when he has a song written down but sucks ass at freestyling
Lil Mosey's XXL Freshman cypher:
"God damn, I feel like the man"
"Freshman of the year I woke up like *awkward pause* the man"
it only gets worse from there
by Leninaut March 18, 2020
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LIL Mosey is the finest light-skinned rapper out there. he a whole snake and meal...
1 person: Lil mosey fine
by STORMIDATGIRL October 23, 2019
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a melodic rapper who's young but still has some of the best music you can find on Spotify, Apple Music, or Sound Cloud. He started on Sound Cloud but blew up with songs such as "Pull Up". He has top hits such as "noticed" "Live this Wild" and "Stuck in a dream". His music has been compared to Lil Tecca, Drake, and Gunna. We love Mosey and he deserves more recognition. Mosey is a rapper who is unique but still reaches to many people, making his style very popular.
Person 1: Have you heard Lil Mosey's new album "Certified Hitmaker?"

Person 2: No not yet, but it will be hard to beat his first album "Northsbest"
by i.drink.too.much November 26, 2019
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The definition of a fucking whore and a slut.

Someone who fucks other people right when they are done with you.

Fucks all your friends in front of you.
Lil Mosey wants to bang you then all your friends and then ignores you to the point where she is a bitch.
by Middle eastern Pomegranates September 24, 2019
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Trash, absolute garbage, can I get an amen?
"Did you listen to that new Lil Mosey?"
"Nah I was too busy listening to Young Thug. Lil mosey is gay and if you like him, you're gay too. I will proceed to kill you, not because your gay, nah im not homophobic you do you, but cause you like Lil Mosey."
by @epicrapaccount October 10, 2020
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one of the littest rapper the stand on the face of the earth. he makes really good music with amazing vibes, should check him out the more you listen the better it gets

"pull up and wet the block"

dreymond: aye lil mosey just dropped the norths best and its flamesss
landron: really? its been so long since the original
dreymond: yeah the best songs are "pull up" "boof pack" "noticed" and "fu ####"
landron and dreymond: "pull up and wet the block aye"
"sipping on lean thats why ya"
by swaggerpimp January 29, 2019
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