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one of the littest rapper the stand on the face of the earth. he makes really good music with amazing vibes, should check him out the more you listen the better it gets

"pull up and wet the block"

dreymond: aye lil mosey just dropped the norths best and its flamesss
landron: really? its been so long since the original
dreymond: yeah the best songs are "pull up" "boof pack" "noticed" and "fu ####"
landron and dreymond: "pull up and wet the block aye"
"sipping on lean thats why ya"
by swaggerpimp January 29, 2019

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the walking re-incarnation of ybn jay the almighty, just small white and petit. he listens to bad grime rap and thinks he a gun specifically a glock 17 nine inch, but has lucid dreams of being a 44 magnum. PLEASE ACCEPT THIS
jay: "stop copying me"
adam hasanovic"no i hat myself so ill be you"
by swaggerpimp March 03, 2019

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my Patrick is a huge introvert who like anime and hentai, he is clearly gay but wont come out the closet. he has only had one girlfriend and is a 42 year old virgin. it is a bit sad but its pretty funny to us. we all call him a emo fish because he is infact a emo fish. he loves his mum in a homo way and has admitted to doing some gay things around her that i cannot say. he dabs on the daily and is code for weed ugly fat girl and snitching.
patrick is homo
via giphy
by swaggerpimp November 25, 2018

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a do do hat is a different way of saying hijab, it is most commonly used by Australians, PLEASE ACCEPT THIS
frank: hey john, why does your wife wear that do do hat?
john: its part of her culture
frank: oh ok
by swaggerpimp February 27, 2019

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