Uh, let's talk about what he did ok?
Oh, lil mosey? Isn't that the guy who... uh.... you know... did that horrible thing.....
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by fisticuffs12 April 23, 2021
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The definition of a fucking whore and a slut.

Someone who fucks other people right when they are done with you.

Fucks all your friends in front of you.
Lil Mosey wants to bang you then all your friends and then ignores you to the point where she is a bitch.
by Middle eastern Pomegranates September 24, 2019
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He β€œwoke up like the man” really not sure why he’s popping
Lil mosey easily dropped the worst freestyle in XXL freshman histories
by January 14, 2021
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Trash, absolute garbage, can I get an amen?
"Did you listen to that new Lil Mosey?"
"Nah I was too busy listening to Young Thug. Lil mosey is gay and if you like him, you're gay too. I will proceed to kill you, not because your gay, nah im not homophobic you do you, but cause you like Lil Mosey."
by @epicrapaccount October 10, 2020
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