The title track of Twice's new album, Twicetagram
seollenda Me likey, Me likey likey likey, Me likey likey likey dugeundugeundugeun Heart heart
by taekookiessuga November 1, 2017
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A sassy way of saying 'Like'
Fluttering heart, Me likey
Me likey likey likey
Me likey likey likey
by momo's forehead March 6, 2021
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A wonderful human being that lives somewhere
Likey is hot
by Azcat March 10, 2022
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Likey is a famous song by a girl group called TWICE. Its fans usually use this word and refer to this song.
What do you listen?
Likey by Twice!

I really likey this song
by Sophie-chan-19283 November 2, 2017
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A girl who likes every boy in public, but has a boyfriend, crush, or date
Madison: I thought you liked Terrence
Angelina: She told me she liked Dedarius
Holly: No No No she likes Edward
Jade: But she is with Adam

Madison: Then she is a Likey
by Susy Lorrence February 11, 2016
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childish and gay version of like
i likey your chest and small fingers dude.
by franky23 October 1, 2007
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