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When two balls are shot into the last remaining cup in a game of beer-pong, eliminating the chance of an opponent rebuttal
G1 "why didn't you take your rebuttal shots?"

G2 "Conner and Ipp just went lights out on us."

G1 " guys got fucked"
by buckkkkk April 23, 2009
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Did you hear about the dude that dropped dead while running a marathon? His heart fucking exploded and it was lights out right in the middle of the course! People had to run around the body for over 10 minutes until they tarped the corpse.
by Wordmaster Adam December 23, 2016
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In sports, it means great performance.
"Maddux was lights out on the road, winning 8 of his last 9 decisions."
by erotica69 September 17, 2005
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1) adj. to turn off, or 'out', the lights

2) adj. when making sweet love to a girl, he pulls out before ejaculating and shoots on her face (see Bukkakke)
1) Time to hit the field. But first - Lights Out!!

2) Honey, if you don't bake me a pie, I'm going to give you Lights Out!!

3) That whore loves lights out all over her face
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Used by teens to indicate that it is safe to go home high or drunk when parents are sleeping, not home, or in bed with the lights out-meaning they will not be able to see if your eyes are red, glossy, or squinty, and they probably will not notice any cotton mouth or word slurring. If the lights are out and you have to talk to your parents, the conversation will also usually be brief and painless because theyre half asleep. parents high drunk redeyes eyedrops dryeyes cottonmouth homealone sleepover lightsout
Look into my parents window. Are the lights out? I might need some eyedrops.

Dude, Iโ€™m still hella fried. Hopefully the lights are out when I get home.

You guys wanna come over on Saturday? My parents are going out of town and the lights will be out all weekend!
by hiddenvalleyfaith February 27, 2019
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