Turbulent, utter mayhem; a state of violent confusion or commotion.
The Department of Motor Vehicles is thunderdome.
by McFunley October 13, 2004
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That bad-ass cage where Mel Gibson faught Master Blaster with the chainsaw and bungee cords and there where all kinds of drunken Aussies yelling, "Two men enter, One man leaves." Then big Mel(Madd Max) totally thrashes that giant ogre and then that little midget weeps cuz the ogre was his friend and I laughed at the midget and then they play this primitive game of Wheel of Fortune and Mel gets sent into the destert and he meets these Lord of the Flies kids who wanna fly on this delapidated 747 and theres quick sand and boomerangs and all kinds of shoulderpads with spikes and nitrous powered dune buggies....its awesome. I think I confused a couple different movies but who gives a damn, right? Thunderdome man, you know with that crazy black bitch pop star...kinda like Conan the Destroyer where that crazy black bitch with the huge stick wails on Walt Chamberalain...but that is a different story.
We shall have a bungee cord chainsaw deathmatch in the Thunderdome my friend!

A kick-ass song on Primal Fear's self titled album.
by Sky Puncher August 18, 2006
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an arena where you go instead of court to settle your issues
forget the divorce lawyer just take your significant other and battle it out in the thunderdome. the looser gets the dog
by JenniBabii November 21, 2006
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Perhaps one of the most challenging sex positions of all time, requiring flexibility and practice. The dude lies flat on his back, while his woman lies on her back on top of him. She then arches up to a "dome" while he fucks her from behind. Typically a move attempted after the consumption of alcohol.
Dude, you've been seeing this chick for 2 months - have you thunderdome'd her yet?
by missswiss October 3, 2010
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similar to a slammy/slampiece although a thunderdome is a female only used to distribute oral pleasure.
Guy1: Where the hell did my thunderdome dome go?
Guy 2: She just struck, i mean sucked my dick.
by JEGOFFS July 12, 2011
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When two or more people are contesting something they need to fight it out. Like in the old movie with Mel Gibson.
Two guys are fighting over the last slice of Pizza their buddy says, "You guys need to Thunderdome It, Fight it out with rusty spoons or somthing. Two men enter, one man leaves, Winner gets the Slice."
by Scott Iorillo March 15, 2007
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This word originally was used in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) to describe a place in which losers fight to the death, but now used to describe:

1. A place at the center of potential conflict, usually political or controversial conflict
2. A place in which anything goes, in contrast to outside the thunderdome where rules do not apply
Guy 1: Did you hear about those new policies we have to follow? Everyone hates them.
Guy 2: Yea, it's gonna be a real Thunderdome

Baby boomer 1: I think those video-games are making him violent
Baby boomer 2: Fighting in video-games is one thing, but fighting other students is beyond the Thunderdome
by Dr. Boredom May 14, 2019
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