A man/woman who is easily turned on or aroused.
The girl saw me naked and was turned on faster than a light switch.
by Serah-xmhmm March 6, 2008
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The EXACT moment between "I'm FAAUUUKED UP!" and "I'm BLAAACKED OUT!". Another form of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". The EXACT moment when you pal goes from "Zero to Hero" during a solid evening of ripping a beverage or 10. You're ripping shots with your friend at the bar and they are acting fine, and then, suddenly, their LIGHT SWITCH trips on...
You girl, you went from "Zero to Hero" last night after that last "Red Headed Slut" shot we took. Your LIGHT SWITCH tripped and all the sudden.... I think I saw Va-GINE-NA during that keg stand!
by Kocktail Stockdale August 27, 2014
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When you flick the female clitoras as if it were a light switch, in a light switch motion.
Larry: I totally Light Switched that girl last night, she loved it.
Dickbuttkiss: Yes you did.
Larry: Yes i did.
by DrNufario March 18, 2011
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Flick the bitches eyes when you're recieving head; turning off her lights and cumming on her eyes, gluing them shut.
Guy 1: I flicked a light switch on your mother last night.
Guy 2: Thats why she couldn't see this morning.
by Cliford September 25, 2005
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Jacksfilms (a Youtuber) Asks for funny answers to questions on his "YAIY"(Yesterday, I asked you) series. Most answers are acquainted with light switches.
Jacksfilms: What turns you on?
Every commenter: A light switch
by Kennybunkport September 18, 2016
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A dead meme created by Jacksfilms and his audience from the 54th episode of a popular series called YIAY the question was "What turns you off?" And most of the comments said "A light switch"
"What turns you off?"
"A light switch"
"That's finna woke"
by Dona_atropia September 12, 2018
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