The EXACT moment between "I'm FAAUUUKED UP!" and "I'm BLAAACKED OUT!". Another form of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". The EXACT moment when you pal goes from "Zero to Hero" during a solid evening of ripping a beverage or 10. You're ripping shots with your friend at the bar and they are acting fine, and then, suddenly, their LIGHT SWITCH trips on...
You girl, you went from "Zero to Hero" last night after that last "Red Headed Slut" shot we took. Your LIGHT SWITCH tripped and all the sudden.... I think I saw Va-GINE-NA during that keg stand!
by Kocktail Stockdale August 26, 2014
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A alcoholic drink made with equal parts bourbon (traditionally Southern Comfort) and squirt.

Refers to the fact that the drinker will go from sober to drunk very quickly with no buzz in between, i.e. flipping a light switch.
After two lightswitches, i was straight drunk.
by Evan Carr October 10, 2005
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when you flip them up lights then on and when you flip them down lights go off and if you flip them quickly mutiple times you can have a seizure
Lightswitch is a word
by Mysterious Lightswitch Ninja December 05, 2017
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