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A person you can always depend on to help you in a really messed up situation where you need a quick excuse/escape.

This person will always have that six sense to lie in favor of you when asked about your current location (sometimes without you giving them any real hint about it).

This person also happens to be in the right place at the right time when you're in trouble.
"Dude, that blind date is horrific! I need to call my lifeline."
"Thanks, man! You're a lifeline!"

In situations where you're running late getting into work:
Boss: "Do you know if your name came into work today?"
Lifeline: "Uh... Yeah, he came in an hour before I went on lunch break. He's somewhere around here."
by Red.Orchestra April 05, 2009
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A tiny, almost imperceptible cough, usually hidden behind a mask due to; emphysema, asthma, allergies or the dreaded COVID, so as not to alarm others to your potential of being “the infected.”
I was walking through the grocery store and I had a tickle in my throat but I didn’t want people to think I was contagious so I let out a microcough.
by PeteLoaf320 November 25, 2020
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Your Bestie, Someone You Can Alwaysz Depend On
iLuv My Bestiesz Their My Fuqqin Life Line
by xXKashmeReXx September 26, 2009
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Your Life-Line is every line of coke you've ever done in your life, next to each other, end to end, in one continuous unbroken line.
My Life-Line must be at least three miles long...
Maybe four after Glastonbury.

by dan bourbon June 16, 2008
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A phone call by a friend to another friend at a predetermined time. Mostly used in bad situations, first dates, or when someone goes somewhere they simply don't want to be.

Most times, a lifeline is used to show that one friend is in distress, when he's actually chillin at home with two beers, one in hand, and one waiting for the other friend. The distress call is what gives the friend his opporunity to leave, and also gives the impression to whoever is litening to the phone call that it's serious.

The lifeline remains the most efficient, yet most underused method of ditching bad dates. Sometimes hard to coordinate, lifelines prove their worth in effectiveness when your friend's girlfriend doesn't get pissed (and consequently, stop putting out) at your friend when you ditched her best friend on a date.
"Dude, Steve, I got a date with Jessica tonight at 7, give me a lifeline around 7:45, and then I'll meet you at your pad."
by John Boy January 06, 2004
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The female that’s always gonna have your back through everything. This person makes you smile and forget everything. The love of your life .She’s your escape and your dumb to ever let her go.
I really can’t live without this girl she’s my lifeline !!!
by Ko17 May 25, 2020
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He is too boring as a person but very romantic.He wants me to stay with him forever but he never tells that he wants to stay with me but cant complain cause i like him so much that i cant let him go
by Iamshreya October 14, 2018
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