someone who is unbelievably perfect; ruins your image on how most people are; makes you believe that most people are unworthy because there is someone like him/her around
Darren Criss, Logan Lerman, Andrew Garfield, Joe Walker, Charlie McDonnell, Life Ruiner
by Permanent Rose May 10, 2011
Noun; Someone who is constantly making your ovaries explode and one look can make you pregnant. Someone who can intoxicate an entire fandom.
Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Chord Overstreet, Mark Salling, Cory Monteith, Harry Shum Jr, Jonathan Groff, Life Ruiner
by DKlainebows June 6, 2011
Someone who constantly ruins your life with their perfection, and smiles while they do it
by Djebdhenejejdndjsbdbsb June 14, 2019
A non-excuse for not playing a video game with all your friends while also not wanting to give an actual, legit reason why.
Derek: I don't want to play that game... it's a life ruiner!

Flint: Why do you think it's a life ruiner?

Derek: ... because, it is.

Flint: ... k
by spinny69 May 28, 2021
someone who constantly is ruining your life.
and smilies while they do it.
by sarahelizabeth. December 22, 2005
Something or somebody that destroys your life beyond repair, like drug addiction, unplanned pregnancy, or being disfigured.
He got accepted to an Ivy League college, but he can't go because he knocked up his girlfriend. What a life ruiner.
by irksomekitty May 21, 2009