Liew is the name of a asian guy who likes to eat dumplings, he also yells when he gets touched and has a yellow buttock
Stop liewing my dumpling boi
by The MasterMok January 27, 2019
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Liew is a chinese man who is very particular in handling money. He likes to share food and touch his hair. He is also one who would like to stay unmarried for his whole life. However, he is loving as Liew is the type of guy who calls his mama everyday.
Oh you're touching your hair like a true Liew.
by pinkfrog December 29, 2017
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very cool lad, with high iq. very swag and a thug $$$
george: yo did you see Alvin Liew
sarah: yeah hes so hot wish i could be as swag as him
by hahahahnword June 11, 2019
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Jacky Liew represents the Food Critic and Food God. He is the first person known as a food gourmet in Malaysia and has brought the rage of Malaysia Food into the International arena since the '80s. He is the scholar who introduced the concept of Malaysian cuisines built by 3 social classes and 5 main races. He is famous due to thousands of photos hang in the restaurants in each state and currently, still no one could break his record.
Example 1 -

Andrew: Have you been to the restaurant recommended by Jacky Liew?
Julius: Yes, yesterday I have been there, it was full of people.

Example 2 -
Laris: Someday, I want to be Jacky Liew.

Iris: Train your taste bud at first!
by Carol Ong August 31, 2021
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He's a nice friend to respect, he is good company and good to talk to. He's also a Hard Core Gamer.

Thomas Liew is a Bloody Legend.
"Hay Thomas Liew your a great friend and a good Hard Core Gamer".
by MadnessToDecay November 12, 2018
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