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Liew is the name of a asian guy who likes to eat dumplings, he also yells when he gets touched and has a yellow buttock
Stop liewing my dumpling boi
by The MasterMok January 27, 2019

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Sittas is the name of a greek guy who likes to drink pee, he is also white and has a small buttock
Do not perform some sittas please?
by The MasterMok March 03, 2019

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Mok is basically the sexiest asian kid around, he has giant pecs and likes licking other asian males
Oh no Mok my Bacon!!
by The MasterMok March 10, 2019

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Lai is the name of a hot asian male who likes to eat poop, he also likes to pee on the bed and likes to lick things with his mum
Stoping lai my bathroom boi
by The MasterMok March 12, 2019

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