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You're in for a smoke session You know you fucked up when you hear this. Usually followed by "Front Leaning Rest Position, Move!" Or anoth
*The Company talking aloud and moving around in formation*

Drill Sergeant: DELTA COMPANY! Why are we talking and moving in the formation? Don't worry I'll fix it! Company ah-TENN-hutt! Half Right Face! Front Leaning Rest position, move! In Cadence!

Company: In Cadence!

Drill Sergeant: Exercise! One Two Three! One Two Three! One Two Three! ONE TWO THREE!
by Jack Bootlip December 6, 2021
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A part time underwear seller, part time rapist, and An overrated Portuguese tap-in penalty merchant who likes to score goals against farmers and plumbers from newly discovered countries or their clubs. He terrorizes these 125+ ranked nations with his insane 2 yard tapin masterclasses. He is a well known International Fraud known for ghosting for 89 minutes and when his teammate wins a penalty, he comes in for the limelight. He is truly finished

Other aliases : LithuaniaMan, NorwichMan, EuropaLeagueMan, Luxembourg Slayer, Aquaman of Football, Rejection King, Mr. 007 (or Penalbond), The Bench God, GCOAT (Greatest Cheerleader Of All Time), Team Destroyer, Teammates Career killer, Credit stealer, Fans phone breaker, Curtis Jones' ball beater, Dubai d'or owner, Elon Musk satellite destroyer, Armband Throwing winner, The New Christoper Colombus, The law abiding citizen of Penaltyspotia.
Liechtenstein-Man scored a penalty against a country with a population of a small town!
by Jack Bootlip March 23, 2023
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