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While bending over like you were in a downhill skiing contest, you reach back and jerk two dudes off. In front of you, you are blowing a third guy. A fourth guy is optional, but that would require vaginal or anal intercourse. Also, you'd be a whore.
I need new friends. After we went Downhill Skiing with that girl, I haven't been able to look them in the eyes. But boy was that handjob good.
by Octavia Spencer July 29, 2010
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When a woman stands between two guys and jerks them off at the same time while pretending as if she was skiing.
Jeff did she really offer downhill skiing to you?
by Shawnzy187 August 05, 2017
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Down Hill Skiing is a sexual possition where a woman places herself between two men and grabs there genetalia with each hand and pumps up and down in a wanking motion quickly over and over again.
"My wife went down hill skiing last night with me and my best friend, it was awesome!"
by D.H.SKIIER July 28, 2009
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The biggest slut in school gives these to the borders most nights. One dude on each side giving them handjobs.
Lucy went downhill skiing, her poles were miles and josh.
by jem August 17, 2004
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