Term used to define something that is of inferior quality.
"The IROC-Z licks nuts." Often followed by the guy sticking his toungue out and making the motion of licking unshaved ball sac.
by Lord Rodericus July 31, 2003
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-A phrase spoken when you know you lost the argument but choose not to quit in spite of having no valid sources to support you're argument.

-Also when you are playing an online video game and you die/lose and are pissed off about it.

-And a way to tell someone to go away.
Clint: So therefor she is not a vegetable since she is moving and responding to people. The only way someone can be a vegetable is if they do not have any function of thier limbs or they are in a comatose state. In which Terri Schiavo is not a vegetable.

Joe:..Lick my nuts, asshole.
by iwannabeanalcoholic April 3, 2005
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Pablito nuts are supposed to be devoured on this lovely day of December 2nd
Hey yo did you lick any pablito nuts today on national lick pablito nuts??
by Pablitonuts December 2, 2019
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The act of smearing your bean bag with peanut butter and having your special little dog friend lick them clean.
There's nothing like the feeling of a nice Chetney Nut Lick Supreme in the mourning before work.
by billy boy January 3, 2005
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