When hung like a horse ones fella can be felt licking the bowl in a seating position.
I went for a dump and the trouser snake was licking the bowl.
by Duthart November 20, 2007
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Licking cum from a woman's vagina after she's had an orgasm.
by September 16, 2020
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the act of pouring badder from baking something (i.e. cake badder) into a woman's vagina so licking her vagina is more pleasurable and tasty.
I love it when my girlfriend bakes because later I'll be licking the bowl. Then I know I'm gettin' laid.
by greg westfield May 18, 2011
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to lick all of the cum off of a girl after she cums
I want to lick the milk bowl clean.
by diamondjazz May 1, 2016
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This phrase holds unequivocal value and can be used in various ways. Originating from the Cultural land of India, this phrase was first coined when a woman was caught licking every bowl in her thaali, Nowadays it is used to to signify that a woman( or man ) simply can’t have just one, but every single one in existence.
Example 1

Person 1: bro i saw her hooking up with 7 guys last night

Person 2: she genuinely licks every bowl yaar

Example 2
Person 1: isn’t he applying to 15 universities?

Person 2: he’s licking every bowl wtf
by travis sneaker allah September 18, 2022
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