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A made up word by muslim suits at cair to try a make the victoms of all the muslims' crap the bad guy.
John - "Muslims kill more people than compared to any other religion, did you see all those people murdered by muslims because that old guy burned that book?"

Moohamhead - "You are a racist redneck infidel. Death to all infidel islamophobics!"

John - "Islamaphobia is not a real word and muslims are not a race." **facepalm**
by Honcho19 April 16, 2011
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The false believe that Islam is a violent political ideology. Most who suffer from Islamaphobia are radical evangelical Christians. They believe Islam is a religion of war and Mosques should not be built in America. These beliefs come from pure ignorance with no factual basis.
Bryan: I love Muslims I just hate Islam.

Sanjay: Dude, You just got a bad case of Islamaphobia.
by Elena Shyne August 16, 2010
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