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Is a dumb hoe
Olivia:Shut up Andrew your a dumb hoe.
by Andrewisadumbhoe November 27, 2018

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Retarded liberal. Who can not give a valid argument for anything.
Libtard: “Abortion is NOT murder, it’s just a bunch of cells.”

Republican: “94% of scientists say life begins at conception”

Libtard: “pfft yea whatever it’s still just a bunch of cells”

Republican: “you can hear a baby’s heartbeat in the mother’s womb at 5 weeks which is before the first trimester is up, and in 2018 92.2% of abortions happened during the 1st trimester”

Libtard: “it’s still just a clump of cells get over it” *walks away*

Republican to friend: “what a libtard, couldn’t even give a valid argument”
by Andrewisadumbhoe January 04, 2021

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