4 definitions by xtrakrispypie

Li-fi is when you try and log onto a free wifi network but its bull cause its not actually free.
guy 1: yes! a free wifi network!!!
guy 2: nope, its just li-fi
guy 1: thats bulls**t
by xtrakrispypie July 19, 2017
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when you jump in the air or jump or jump off something while having a spasm while your in the air
Person 1: look at that guy who is jumping of the bridge
Person 2: i think he is silly salmoning
by xtrakrispypie March 13, 2018
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a scamming ad is an ad that looks like a real and legit thing that offers you the best deal but instead it is just a clickbait to try and get your credit card details.
human 1: look at this ad! it says i can get a free packet of pokemon cards!!
human 2: Cool! click it!
human 1: aw it wants my credit card details
human 2: well its a scamming ad
by xtrakrispypie July 31, 2017
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1.when your at school and you cant be fricking bothered doing any work what so ever.
2. being at uni and watching porn.
3. dont care, im probally off task right now.
students: look at us we're off task
teacher: get on task or you'll get expelled
Students: gee momma calm that farm.
by xtrakrispypie July 19, 2017
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