LFG is the common abbreviation for "Lets fucking go" as opposed to "Looking for group". It was first widely used in the beer pong community and has since spread.
Cpt. Canada - pongbar?

Mike Jones - LFG
by Dime132 November 21, 2010
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L = looking F = For G = group

what more can i say, this is used in many mmorpgs today mostly WoW or world of warcraft for you people who still have lives there is also LFM which is looking for more
damadar: lvl 60 paladin LFG scholo epic mount quest
Avernus whispers: dud im in invite me!
by The Kraken August 19, 2006
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Screw all that nerdy stuff, LFG means only one thing:


that is all.
Boss 1: Yo you ready to be a mad boss today?
Boss 2: Hell yeah LFG
by LFG!!! January 14, 2011
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/ooc Shaman of the 56th season LFG
by Warador December 5, 2002
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LFG stands for "Lets Fucking Go." Usually used in situations where you are hype af.
"Brad let's shot gun a twisted tea."

"LFG baby! ! !!@"
by lfglflglfg November 15, 2017
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