The most amazing person you will ever meet or come across. Ley strives to be the greatest he can be at all times. Ley is amazing, intelligent, straight forward, strong, ambitious, intuitive, and best of all, caring. He motivates and encourages those around him to do better and to be better.

Ley is his own unique person. Ley does not care about what others think of him. He knows he is handsome and attractive. He does not let the outside world determine his future. Ley does not swim with the waves , but he pushes against them. Ley walks his own path and creates a journey that any girl would be lucky to take with him.

Ley will have you dreaming about bigger and better things in life, while also keeping you focus. Any girl would be lucky to meet a guy like Ley. Ley does his best to keep his girl happy, while also keeping a smile on her face. Ley walks with his head help high no matter the situation at hand and he will teach you do the same. He will remain on your mind for minutes at a time. Ley will have you yearning for his presence and his smile. You wouldn't believe how much you could miss someone until you have Ley in your life. Ley will become the reason for your smile, your laughter, your excitement, happiness and most of all, the reason you learn to love who you are, inside and out. He sees your natural beauty as gorgeous. He appreciates all your flaws and the silly moments you will have him. Ley presence is exuberant and his heart amazing, and there is no one like him.
I love you so much Ley.

Ley you are amazing.

Ley you are the reason for my happiness.

N.L is so lucky to have you.
by smile17 June 10, 2016
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I will not dare to challenge your Ley.
by leyliet August 9, 2009
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a cutie and a softie, it's chrew it's chrew.
no need for example Ley is a cutie and a softie
by eu_hades February 12, 2021
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Crazy, a party-goer, or a "Spring Breaker" wannabe
You so Ley Ley up in dis biz
by ChizzMaster August 8, 2015
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the most amazing beautiful sweetest greatest artistic cool funny interesting cutest lovely helpful person ive ever meant not only dating this person but shes also my bestfriend and im greatful for her <3
lei lei is pretty.
by YourNewFather August 13, 2022
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Someone who is very kind and understanding. They tell you they're dense but they will always try their best for you. They need a lot of space for themselves but will share their space with someone they care. Lei lie a lot for their own peace. They'll act like they're fine but they're lying. They're very good at video games and also in academics. They're very humble and deserves the world. They loves memes. A lot. Have a nice sense of humour and also good taste in music. Everyone deserves a Lei.
"I miss you, Lei" - babi
by theoneandoni January 2, 2023
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Someone who has that spark to them. Someone who can make you smile on the most horriblest day. The first person who you will always call. She doesn't talk much to people, but loves them more than she could express it. She has that smile that will complete you. Her body has you potray her as something she is not, but once you see her personality, it will make you fall in love with her over and over again.
by Ccredy123 October 6, 2015
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