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The badass bitch that'll do anything for her people. If you wrong her people, you'll wrong her as well. She loves her people and barely devouts any time to herself; more focused on the wellbeing of her friends and her people. That doesn't stop others from loving her, however. The source of many's grief and love.
Clarke: No, Lexa! I love you!
Lexa: ... I'll always be with you.
by faithinheda July 07, 2018
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Lexa is the most sweetest, most amazing, most lovely girls you could ever have the pleasure of knowing. She makes you smile and laugh and you will always have the best times and memories with her. She always comes up with the best slang. Once you meet her, you will never, EVER forget her, and when the time comes you have to part ways with her, you will cry for days, and you will never stop smiling when you think of her...
You: Hey Lexa, wanna make some memories? ;)

Lexa: You know it, gurl!
by hanoh19 December 11, 2011
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Lexa is a BABE who has light eyes, dark hair, and is very flirtatious. all Lexas are flirtatious and can't pick just one boy. All the boys want her. Comes from the name, Alexa.
by LEXA June 07, 2004
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A girl named Lexa is a dark beauty who loves attention. She craves the spotlight and will do anything to get it. Incredibly flirtatious, this girl takes pride in her ability to attract and seduce men. Not just a pretty face (or body,) Lexa is fiercely intelligent and uses her brilliant mind to have her way in everything. Her way often includes seducing people just to break their hearts. Just for fun.
If Lexa doesn't stop teasing me, I'm gonna explode!
by Alex1998 September 04, 2011
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A mathematical relationship that can define the degree of success of any female at various competitions, including job interviews, sporting/dance events, and, most prominently, debate tournaments.

The relationship holds that the amount of clothes one wears is inversely proportional to their success the event or competition.

A female can have Lex A or be described as "Lex A". An unattractive female who tries to Lex A but does not receive its benefits still HAS Lex A, but risks embarrassment and social isolation.

See: sex appeal
Dude, that girl got a 28.5 round 4.

Yeah, only because she's got Lex A.
by BarneyStinson4 November 08, 2010
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Lexa is a dark mysterious, gorgeous, sexy girl you could ever meet. She is always so loveable that when she leaves you can't help but cry. She is one of the best friends you could ever have. She is so attractive that all the boys wanna date her.
Henry: Dude have you seen Lexas ass!!!
Charles: I know right.
by goegey February 24, 2017
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