When you are sick and tired of trying to get this bread, so you settle for the crumb.
"Rise and grind, baby! It's time to get this bread."

"Nah, let's get this crumb."
"i feel bro"
by plink22 October 13, 2018
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Something one says before committing an armed robbery. Generally right before chambering a round and removing the safety. It raises the adrenaline level and focus's the mind on the task at hand.
Yo dog! Let's get this bread!!!
by TerribleTerd December 28, 2019
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mostly used to say, lets get this bread, dough, money, and other terms. Its often used now as if you achieved a goal.
Wins a rap battle in roblox: gg ez dub.

Let's Get This bread!
by StarFrog_YT November 20, 2018
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What most people say when they are pissed off and have to do something that is stupid or not worth their time.

Can be closely related to I don't give a fuck and bullshit
Example A:
Teacher: Clear your desks it is time for a pop quiz
Student: Let's get on with this bullshit

Example B:
Student: My project is about...(Spends 20 mins explaining what it is about not actually project)
by Vainityisnotasin May 18, 2011
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originally from SpongeBob episode where Squidward moves and creates a new life away from SpongeBob and Patrick, living with fellow squids. This episode he squidward does the same routine every day.

New synonyms = lets get this grain, lets purchase this pita, let's take this tortilla, etc.
by savrh December 18, 2018
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