Referring to the obtainment of a large sum of currency or when a squad nigga needs to hit his hood up.
Tupac: You ready to do this T?
T-pain: You know it nigga, let's get this money.
Juicy-J: Ayy you ready to hit the club tonight?
Notorious Big: Yo shit dawg let's get this money
by Xx_LetsGetThisMoney_xX August 25, 2018
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When you and your best friend go a buy a 40oz of old English each and drink them while smoking a back wood blunt.
Dude, Let's get bernied tonight.
by 905BC January 09, 2010
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let's get this bread refers to making money (because money=dough and dough=bread)
Ryan walked into work and greeted his buddy Jacob by saying ¨Yoooo!!! Lets get this bread¨
by shaquille oatmeal April 12, 2019
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Let's Get This Bread was originally a term representing earning money but nowadays can be used in many different contexts.
The Baker: Ok, Let's Get This Bread.

Eager Newlyweds: Let's Get This Bread!

A Gangster: A'ight, Let's Get This Bread.
by ApplePine2018 November 17, 2018
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