A popular slang reference to getting really messed up on alcohol or drugs in order to free the spirit and drop the inhibitions. Often refers to drink and cannabis, used in a party-setting with accompanying music. Incidentally, the Black Eyed Peas have popularized this term with their song, "Let's Get Retarded." see also, "get stupid."
"Dude, let's go over to Sally's house and get retarded."
"As soon as we get to the party, let's get retarded."
by Paladin144 November 04, 2003
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Bread is another word for money and money is a sign of success. So it means succeeding is whatever you're doing.
Guy 1:- I'm having my algebra exam tommorow

Guy 2:- Study hard bro so you can get the bread

Guy 1:- Yes Bro, Let's get this bread
by Itsmepixel November 04, 2018
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Lets get super drunk. Or lets get fucked up ( by getting drunk)
Utsav - Wanna go to the bar?
Anup - Fuck yeah!! Lets get hammered tonight.
by nepaliboy February 19, 2016
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lets go out and have a good time and relax.
sup, im going to a party you commin.

yea, lets get blown.
by B 2 QUIK December 18, 2004
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Basically when you wake up and you want to hustle you say “lets get this bread” a shorter way to say it is “lgtb
by I created this word first M.B October 27, 2018
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