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Lesedi is a girl who may seem loud and rude but is actually shy when you get to know her. She has a nice personality and doesn't trust many people. You can count on her to keep your secret as she never spills them. She loves her most important people in life and would never take them for granted.
I wish i could be Lesedi

Omg Lesedi is so nice
by Hatersbackoff123... April 08, 2017
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Lesedi is an loud, handsome and well-mannered boy. He is well known by girls and is never afraid to speak his mind. He is a true gentlemen.
That boy is such a Lesedi.
by Deep Down September 26, 2019
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A Lesedi is usually a gent with a above standard forehead size. It usually gets about a 7 finger rating pushing 8. Teeth are also usually pretty ugly. Just stay away.
Damn he’s got a big forehead, what’s his name?

by CollegeBoysRatatatat April 02, 2019
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he just follows random people
that boy is a lesedi ive seen him everywhere i walk
by homeleigh February 21, 2017
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