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An affliction in which the victim commits to multiple things simultaneously in an effort to please any and all parties, then failing to deliver results promised to one or more party.
She's got a bad case of Leonitis, man; she says she'll write that paper, go to his party, and meet you for that movie, but in the end she'll just take you to the party, and you'll just sit alone in the corner feeling like an asshole. I hope she gets an F on that paper. And dies.
by uevuerbfoiasuihfiueh November 08, 2007
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a disease that affects the feet making them grow abnormally large. Symptoms include being last boy, erratic dancing and disliking mayonnaise. Occasionally growths known as conor and billy will grow on shoulders. Treat with pineapple juice and dalkey.
when walking through bray seeing a young boy with size 13 shoes - whoa that's leonitis
by C. Rumpet August 20, 2007
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