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The word that best describes a socially awkward, lugubrious, and unflattering person, animal, or situation.
1) Why is this lemon on the football team? Go back to being awkward somewhere else, nerd.

2) That was such a lemon move man, she will never buy your mix-tape now.
by Swahilliansugar September 25, 2013
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east london slang for the cured buds of the cannabis sativa plant.
After contemplating whether it would be worth delving into Killer P's mobile phone to obtain a marijuana-dealer's number, Flowdan and his friend come to this conclusion:

Killer P: It's a lot right now, lemon I can bun, blud
Flow Dan: Lemon season, cuz
by ganjafarmer May 20, 2008
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Usually a sexually-orientated fan-work or fanfiction, mostly based on manga, anime, video games, and sometimes cartoons. It's also rated 18+ for the sexual acts. It's not like people listen anyway, I don't.

Usually written by women for women, and is about 90% yaoi. There's a difference between porn and lemons, as porn is usually plot-less and has different sexual acts that please men, while lemons are usually written in a book, comic, fanart, or fanfiction. It has more of what pleases women, such as more romance and moar men in it.

Pro-tip: NEVER look up lemons of your childhood favorites. It will shatter your brain.
Pro-tip #2: Most lemons can be found on DeviantART, Fanfiction.net, and just about every other site where horny, sex-crazed teen girls go.


Lime (more romantic and loving instead of sexual)
Ooh, that yaoi lemon I read earlier today was yummy! Mmm... Yaoi...

That FrancexUK story I read earlier today was WAY steamier than the AmericaxUK one I read yesterday.
by CatsfromElsweyr June 24, 2013
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An Underground street name for weed.
Can be used as follows.

Lemons = Weed.
Lime = Tabacco
Lime and Lemons = Tabacco and Weed
Sour = Getting Stoned/High.
Sucking Some Lemons = Smoking Some Weed.
"I'm going down to my mates house later to fo and suck some lemons, may mix a little bit of lime in aswell. Should get nice and sour"

by Mr.Smook July 02, 2007
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An exceptionally butch and manly lesbian. Usually has a SOUR pussy.
Dude 1: Look at those 2 dykes!

Dude 2: Who? The fat bitches with spiky hair and camo shorts? What a pair of lemons!
by madstylex November 19, 2007
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