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The most beautiful, smartest, sweetest, person alive. I would change nothing about you and I would change one thing about me. I would want to be teardrop, because only then could I be born in your eyes, live on your cheek, and die in your lips.
Whoa, that chick is a Leka.
by Ty-dizzle February 21, 2006
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Leka is a finnsih word that means a bottle of vodka or other (over 40%) alcohol. Dont mix liqueur ( less than >40%vol) bottles with leka. Poika (orig. "a boy") means the same thing, but it is a bigger bottle. Usually poika is concidered to be atleast 1 litre (or bigger).

Usually the words poika and leka are used when friends decide to get really wasted. They sit down at a table and open the leka and/or poika and drink untill they drop.
Tänää vedetää semmoset perseet, tuo vittu se leka pöytään.

Missä se leka viipyy, täs mitää bissee jaksa koko illan sippaa.

Iske poika pöytään ei täs oikee muu auta.
by southside thugstah April 13, 2007
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