The most beautiful, smartest, sweetest, person alive. I would change nothing about you and I would change one thing about me. I would want to be teardrop, because only then could I be born in your eyes, live on your cheek, and die in your lips.
Whoa, that chick is a Leka.
by Ty-dizzle February 21, 2006
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Leka is a finnsih word that means a bottle of vodka or other (over 40%) alcohol. Dont mix liqueur ( less than >40%vol) bottles with leka. Poika (orig. "a boy") means the same thing, but it is a bigger bottle. Usually poika is concidered to be atleast 1 litre (or bigger).

Usually the words poika and leka are used when friends decide to get really wasted. They sit down at a table and open the leka and/or poika and drink untill they drop.
Tänää vedetää semmoset perseet, tuo vittu se leka pöytään.

Missä se leka viipyy, täs mitää bissee jaksa koko illan sippaa.

Iske poika pöytään ei täs oikee muu auta.
by southside thugstah April 13, 2007
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Leka is a synonym for the word epicz. Leka is a common adjective in southern Europe which is used to describe someone very smart, handsome, epic, buff, strong, sexy and has an extremely large unit. "Leka" is usually the person that your mother and wife dreams of while they are in bed, thinking about how they would rather do "Leka" or "Epicz" than you.
Wow! Is that Leka? AKA Epicz? He's the smartest person I know!
by ignWally November 9, 2021
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Leka is non-emotional, shy, generous and likes to give new things a go. But once they do not like something they stay away from it forever.

They are GREAT in bed and overall great at sexual activities.
Leka does not want to play piano again as he disliked it before
by Pseudonym I.F December 28, 2018
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the best person in the world... like a big brother who will always have your back no matter what. will make you laugh and keep you up all night but you will love him anyway. sucks at DDR and cannot dance for his life but he can't help it.
everyone gotta love the arjan leka
by zammit April 30, 2005
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a butt pirate, someone who causes massive amounts of drama in hi school after they graduated, douchebag
"why's that kid in the parkin lot, didn't he graduate?"
"he's being a total arjan leka"
by dddxxxddxdx November 22, 2007
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Afrikaans slang for “cunt nice”

Can be used to both praise or insult something or someone
Used after downing a Suitcase, a shot of lime cordial chased down with a shot of Jack Daniels.
Charl : I’m getting everyone suitcases, aaaalllriiddeeee!!!

After finishing their shots everyone slams them down and shouts out “POES LEKA!!!”
by theweeturtle April 25, 2020
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