Lejs is the best friend and boyfriend ever. He usually has bosnian heritage. He is sweet,funny,kind,helpful, and extraordinaryly hot.
Lejs is cool
by XxUrMom12384838383838Xx November 19, 2020
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Lej is an expression invented by Cristian Gocan also known as Cristian Lejerul. It’s mostly used when something goes right or when the weed hits hard.
Broo this gas it’s lej!
by Raressucc October 1, 2021
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Has a big dick and always want to fuck. Has many friends and loves to ride on his bike. He likes sport like Golf etc. Girls always like him because he is a nice person.
Lejs is a man with an big dick
by Lolyeee January 9, 2019
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Short form for being a legend. Can also be used in conjunction with Fucking
Mike you FCKN LEJ

Deej your a FCKN LEJ

Rah you FCKN LEJ

there's a man on a Lej!

You see Anastasia Ashley's instagram post? shit was Lej
by A Billej December 6, 2013
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a place where there is shallow crack smokers that are rude and abuse children (the children are usually younger than 10)
girl: let’s go to a lej
child: noooooo!! i might get abused
girl: fine you little pussy
by cocaineOWOsewer November 8, 2020
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