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Prounounced: Lay-sha.

Def. The most AMAZING girl in the world. Fun, energetic and entertaining. Great personality and outrageously beatutiful. Most lovable and friendly while by far the sexiest person you will ever meet. Leisha's are rare, so be lucky, very lucky to snag a Leisha. One of a kind and amazing in bed!

High morals and extermely loyal. Find a Leisha...
Guy: Do you see that girl over there?

Guy 2: Yea, her name must be Leisha
by BROCK1392 February 06, 2010
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a streaker.
Usually streaks in inappropraite places such as shopping centres and doctors surgeries.
Did you see that leisha at the shopping centre?
by Mia the SLUT September 10, 2008
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1. (VERB) The act of having paper piled up on your desk to the point where very little (if any) of the desk's surface can't be seen.

2. (VERB) To pile, stack or otherwise collect documents, folders, magazines, mail, and other common office items on your desk.

3. (VERB) Overflowing with work
1. Wow, your desk is leisha! Can you find anything on it?

2. Don't leisha your desk up this week because a few of our clients have to come by.

3. Your office is leisha! I keep stepping on financial reports and contracts.
by s_m_w July 06, 2011
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