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Amazing, smart, beautiful, adventurous, stunning, funny, lovable woman with a big heart. Always puts others first. Has the nicest butt you will ever see! Straight up badunkadunk. She's amazing, folks.
Leilah is the hottest girl in the world.
by WishingIWasLeilah'sBoyfriend February 02, 2010
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A beautiful girl. She can be very shy but once you gte to know her, she is very crazy. Honestly she is amazing, sweet, funny, but she can be a little grumpy. She is usually friends with an abby, or an ava. She has brown hair, and brown eyes. She has freckles, and she loves candy. She plays with her friend, and would be single for life.
Abby: I love leilah, she is so pretty.
Ava: she is my friend. Once you get to know her, she can be a little crazy.
by Crazylover942 May 17, 2018
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The funniest person you will ever meet and she’s addicted to honey buns she might not show it or tell you but trust me she is
by Shenanigans IS WHAT January 09, 2018
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The friend of isaiah, emily, alex, zay, luna, and more.
by 123o July 21, 2017
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Has brown hair is Hawaiian, has freckels, believes in eating a chicken bucket every night. Drinks a gallon of sweet tea, or milk. Just a kid who is trying to get back to Hawaii. Is very rude has no heart doesn’t care about if people are dead or alive. Hates everyone, would kill for some peace and quiet. But she can be nice if she wants to be, try’s to eat healthy but you usually find her in bed eating while watching Netflix. She’s definitely a wierdo who likes elephants. She will pounce at you at any moment if you make her upset. She likes the number 6 a lot! She will also probably be fat at the age of 20!
YIKES get away from Leilah!
by Bobby Ray Jones the 3rd February 17, 2018
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ugly as fuck, dont get dick, slutty hoe, and bitch wit no edges
tt-"eww you look like you met leilah in your dreams"

ss-"i know i got in a car accident, broke my teeth, fell in mud got woop by a baby cus i was baser enough to go steal dey candy, and came from hell"
by amieeatdickandpussy March 06, 2014
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An annoying as girl that will try to date any boy she comes across. Once she finds “the one” she will become over-obsessed with that person. Will actively stalk anyone she likes and writes sexual fantasies in her journal.
“Oh your dating Leilah? Welcome to hell.”
by cukzb May 08, 2018
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