Ter- a mysterious, introverted, and quiet individual. Sometimes can be loud and funny when hanging out with certain friends. Hails their father who is death, saying “I am not worthy, I am not worthy.” Likes to overdose on limes.
Oh my god, you’re being such a Ter right now! Why do you have to be so quiet?
by ramennoodlemelon August 24, 2017
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Gay kids that run around t.p.ing (toilet papering) every goddamn house on the block!
Abd fucked that house up! He is a ter-ter.
by Ryan O. February 16, 2005
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An arab terrorist, blows up shit and flies planes into buildings. Also from Arabistan (unknow fake country, that does not exist, unless you are a ter-ter) Ter-ter s can also be black wanna be aabs. ter-ter a bomb-making, ak47 shooting, joy riding, drug selling arab.
by abd jallaq March 14, 2005
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TER, ( The Erotic Review) is an online pimp community for prostitutes and their customers ( johns) The eroticreview.com. is a place where girls are reviewed like restaurants with menu's of what they will do for $$$. A site that advertises which orafice's a girl will rent and for how much.
by blacklabelcontent October 10, 2016
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livin on the road, following a band. ie, phish, string cheese incident, widespread panice, etc.
man, i been doin some hard ter these last few years
by terkid420 September 27, 2009
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One of the best RuneScape communities currently in existence.
by remotecube April 05, 2010
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