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An estate in leicester where they all interbreed loads of drug dealers which allow their kids to take drugs and ride mopeds down the streets even though they are 10. Familys and friends fall out over the slightest trivial thing then a street war escalates where people who have no buisness in the argument to act big or keep their school boy reputation even though their now in the 40s go over and stamp on the person's head whos already knocked out for picking up a penny outside one of their mates house a week ago. Very rough place full of smack heads, coke heads, every other house uses the frabreeze spray scent of weed it's very popular around THE SAFF. Their girls sleep with everyone of all ages or family for as much as a line of coke. Chaves galore especially in the pub near the tesco and tramps galore in Neston gardens on THE SAFF.
Saffron lane is a shit hole
Saffron lane is full of smack heads
by Rodger the dodger 67 March 09, 2019
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An estate in leicester city, quite clean nice community but some people aren't as kind as others! Be careful how u speak around this area because although people from saff can be kind, the can also switch very easily! But all in all a great place!
Girl 1: what estate in leicester are you from ?

Girl 2: saffron lane !

Girl 1: I've been there....
by leicester123 November 29, 2011
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