Most women are running around hoping some neanderthal will force his will on them. The very few who don't really want it are the legitimate rape vicims. (Todd Akin, R-Mo)
A Republican representative has said that women don't become pregnant if they are the victim of legitimate rapewhile explaining his anti-abortion views on TV.

Todd Akin, a nominee for Senate in Missouri, also told the Jaco Report that it was rare for a woman to become pregnant after being raped because the 'female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down'.

The GOP senate hopeful was explaining his no-exception rule when it comes to abortion.
by OptimisticSoutherner August 20, 2012
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An extremely inappropriate way saying that a specific incidence of rape has been investigated and determined to have occurred in an illegal manner.
“If it’s legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down,” Todd Akin explained to a St. Louis TV station in 2012 before losing his race for US Senate.
Todd Akin went on to claim that if the female body does not shut down and a baby is born it will be a special little child.

Todd Akin gave the following example: “I had a number of people in my campaign that were children…who were conceived in rape.”
by mlhiss May 18, 2019
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Any general attempt to be knowledgeable about any given topic. A person or being of value due to their ability to stimulate thought.

synonyms: respect
Yeah, I try my best to my unofficial legitimacy.

I am told by a green box with blue text that I 'should include the word being defined' and that is unofficially legitimate enough to me.
by NCaTe December 15, 2015
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rap that is performed by actual inner-city, pissed-off, wannabe gangsters
We've no jobs, negligible law and order, and the community in general is fucked-up; but, we do have legitimate rap.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ August 20, 2012
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A state of being between lawful and unlawful activity. IE laundering your drug money through a rub and tug.
John had 10k dollars of coke money he wanted to spend so he opened several semi-legitimate businesses including a rub n tug massage parlor, to launder his cash.
by jose rodgriguez October 5, 2013
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There is no real definition, you just know the person is a buster when they walk in the room. You're like, "Oh man, total buster. legitimate buster." there are two types, buster, and LEGITIMATE buster.
He's a legitimate buster. Great guy, awesome guy, legitimate buster.
by John Turner June 14, 2007
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Within the rules cutting through bull**** and red tape to get directly to the issue.
The professor took a legitimate shortcut to ensure the sanity of his students and colleagues.
by Dr. Gallesa March 31, 2020
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