A Massage palour - A Place a person goes for a massage and hand relief
1. Allan loves going for a rub and tug.
by Stroker August 28, 2003
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Rub and Tug. A name for a Massage parlor or place in which after the massage is given, it is ended with a hand job. aka Happy Ending

A place or a way in which a man get get "relieved" and it not be considered cheating.
I am super soar/tired and my wife is on vacation. I am gong for a Rub and Tug.
by Gwynnetastic July 18, 2010
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a massage parlor where a gentleman goes for a massage (rub) and hand release(tug); see rub and tug, see also happy ending
I'm so tense I think I'll stop at a rub n' tugs on I-81.
by A Guy Named Gal March 22, 2005
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A massage palour known for the staff to give happy endings for extra money.
At least 60% of the girls that work in these rub and tug palours are asian.
Im going to go down to the local rub and tug palour to get my frustrations worked out.
by Anna Lee August 23, 2005
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Rub 'N' Tug is simply a handjob, but a cooler way to say it.
Man your girl gives the best Rub 'N' Tug!
by et41095 May 27, 2009
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When in the shower you give yourself a tug job, for ladies its Rub-Adub-Rub.
Steve: “Ive got time before class im gonna pull a Rub-Adub-Tug"
by thewonderyears November 19, 2011
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A Scandinavian Rub N' Tug is only achieved when one duct-tapes their hand half shut, duct-tapes that same hand securely to the bottom side of a table, and then preceds to fuck their own hand. With the addition of lube, this act becomes a filthy Scandinavian Rub N' Tug
Jo really enjoys the feeling of a Scandinavian Rub N' Tug, because it feels as if he is finally fucking a real girl.
by Mein Feuher April 15, 2009
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