The testicle no one likes. Its the one who always is slacking off while the right one does all the work!
Damn my left testicle keeps banging agains the right one. Now suck on it bitch!
by fuckretardsintheass! November 19, 2004
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To Make a Choice using knowledge not from you Brain, Dick or Right Testicle, but making the choice from Knowledge from you Left Gonad. This Decision is usually something dumb as fuck like Date Rape or Wearing Socks and Sandals.
Harry: I think I should Get a Donald Trump Cut!
Bennie: Harry you dumb fucking cowpuncher, Stop Making such A Left Testicle Decision!
by The Ass Reaper March 31, 2015
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An figure of speech used to express how awful one is at sex (similar to how the expression "Two Left Feet" applies to a bad dancer).
Gee, Mary, I don't know about this... I've got two left testicles.
by FalconEyes September 25, 2011
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When you see an absolute unit of a fucking spider on the ceiling but you have friends over so, being the comedic relief character in your own life, have to tell something funny in terror.
Sweet mother of Satan's left testicle get the fucking flamethrower, Jerry!
by WreckWrack October 22, 2018
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Patrick, from the alll-time famous children's cartoon, "SpongeBob SquarePants", left testicle. It is known to be very hairy, soggy, and can give a very good ball slapper. Patrick's left testicle also has a meme page that supposedly very hilarious
"Did you hear about Patrick's Left Testicle on Instagram?"
by My tit is very soggy June 07, 2018
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