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Leek is a vegetable. But, the first time I've seen "Leeking" was in a text message. I didn't, back then, know its meaning. So, after some research I found "Leeking" is a typo/auto correct for "Lurking" and it referred to and accepted for someone who's been lurking around and lazy like leek. I also found it in some plumbing small businesses' names and it referred to "Leaking".
I found John leeking in the mall this morning, do you know what was that about?
by Fouajee March 08, 2019
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a form of ass licking mainly seen when a boy tries it with a girl(or vice versa), and is blatantly getting nowhere.
can be said as leaking or as a name (lee-king) to make the use of the word less inconspicuous.
guy1: so yeah monica... i heard you like goose juice?
monica: ummm yeah...sure?

Groups of mates: LEE-KING!!!
by goose man. August 14, 2010
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