The act of being leech-like
That leech is very leechy
by Turtle85 July 31, 2013
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When a coworker, casual friend, or neighbor cannot get the hint that they are not wanted nor bring anything to the table. They then exhibit leechiness but still coming around often.
Why wont that girl down the block get a clue that she is super annoying, her leechiness is out of control.
by TheDukeofChicago November 12, 2009
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refers to a dirty ass pussy particularly because of the sometimes odorous discharge that comes from it and all the other ways it gets stinky and leechy, can mean stinky or starting to rot
tell them to get that leechy ass fish they left out on the dock in the garbage, its getting all leechy and starting to stink
by tatadeala December 14, 2011
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When you have an itchy vagina the day after you shaved it
"damn caitlin i have the leechies so bad right now"
"would you like me to scratch it?"
by bebehoolah December 14, 2006
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Leechie is a description for a man/boy who isn't successful in real life, so that he plays night and day computer games.
Selma is such a Leechie
by Kiman Sadar February 15, 2018
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Someone that doesn’t have foreskin and enjoys swimming.
Friend 1: Having my foreskin removed has made me more aerodynamic in the water when I swim.

Friend 2: Shut up leechy.
by GreenGoblin July 30, 2021
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