A person with strong opinions who is likely to engage in a quick social media debate regarding horse racing, they are also a person that will rapidly block you if you don’t agree.
Dude, chill out. We can all discuss our opinions without the emotion, stop pulling a Leckie!
by TheJediGolfer October 29, 2018
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The ability to fit numerous objects into the anus that do not belong there.
*prisoner removes contraband from the anus
Prisoner: old mate has done a Leckie
by Shesaidshewastwelve February 23, 2022
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Leckie is a very quiet and understanding person people tend to be around him more because of his calm and peaceful manner But can be very short tempered and easily irritated

Leckie has no title .
Your ways are just like a leckie
by Leckie July 26, 2018
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British colloqualism for electricity.
You should see the size of my lecky bill over the winter!
by Dan Fox July 2, 2003
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When someone on social media doesn’t like what you have to say and you find yourself rapidly blocked.
Dude, you totally jumped in on that horse racing debate and now you have found yourself Leckied!
by TheJediGolfer October 29, 2018
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