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Leath is a guy that has your back whenever you feel the need to get blackout drunk. He is incredibly handsome and muscular. He doesn't need a lot of attention but somehow gets it anyway, especially from females. He is a loyal friend but don't expect him to be loud and obnoxious. He is intelligent and quiet but not a pushover. He is well kept but not to ever be confused with a frat boy.
If you want a side-kick for life, get you a Leath. He is the one you can count on.
by KnowbodyatAll May 30, 2018
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a short hobbit-like colleague who's favourite word is "Jackass" while explicitely over using the word with a slight lisp. Standing at only 5'4" tall, this hobbit-like creature is loud and proud and his voice can be heard no matter where he goes. His auburn and salt goatee is a unique identifier and his love for Mafia Wars, apparant.
Who's that loud, little guy at your office?
Oh, that's THE Leath?
by Pterodactyl girl February 04, 2010
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A ugly duckling...A boy who is a beta and doesnt know how to pleasure his women. Often having more than 1 girl at a time to feel accomplished. All leaths have very small penises and usually end up taking penises on the side for money often ending in having a or multiple std’s.
Hey girls look there’s a leath, be careful he might have aids!!!
by DaddyD827 July 16, 2018
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