A dead 2009 meme that most likely will never be risen from its meme grave again
my friend got the le epic game the sims 3 and le other le epic game COD modern warfare to w/ le epic Minecraft
by ChilliadiStudiosYT September 8, 2018
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Le epic is known to be a dead meme saying epic to something epic as long as you don't fail saying le epic la epic is not acceptable and ly, lo , lol , ee, yeet, government shitdown and others to epic is not acceptable le epic will be the new epic but more epic now go shit in the toilet after you read this. PRAY TO BIG CHUNGUS
theres a le epic game called ''Fortnite''
by dunnowhatiam January 17, 2019
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A very cool and funny man that is so good at gaming
“Do you know Tim le epic? I heard he’s so good at gaming!”
by Skipsqueak November 25, 2021
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When you shart next to your crush, and have to pretend it was professional and that you speak french
Crush; Ew was that poop I can smell it
Me; No, that was a Le epic doodoo fard
by Kids are just fleshlights October 19, 2021
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a hilarious phrase coined by Justin whang that people find really funny
discord user: le epic reddit face

other discord user : le epic reddit face
by December 10, 2020
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