The term is a replacement for ‘lad’ as it has lost its meaning because of its overuse by pages such as Ladbible. A lad is just a boy whereas a layd is the name is given to a man that has done something ballsy to entertain others.
Person A: Last night I did a suicide wank

Person B: Haha! Layd move!
by Harold Willy October 24, 2019
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A LAYD is a girl that goes out and doesn't care what anyone thinks of them.

A LAYD must have the ability to take it too far.
She must be a loyal person, as true LAYDs are always loyal to eachother.
A LAYD will never judge another LAYD.

The term LAYD is often used in conjunction with the word CHEKKY.
Oh Hi Layd!

He's a chekky layd.
Oh she's a layd!
by abicusAC October 23, 2010
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An Online DJ, and well known online whore.
Known for sucking off fat gamers at big lan events, and sleeping with ugly people she just met.
Layde is a hoe.
by 31337 5/\/1|D3R January 20, 2003
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An alternate form of the word lady in an attempt to be different or special
by Anonymous February 28, 2003
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