This beautiful outstanding amazing girl. She's everything a guy could ever want. She's faithful, loyal, trustworthy, honest, goofy and more. This girl is very different not like those other girls. Lavie has a big heart that tends to get played with and broken. lavie is also feisty and she is not afraid of anything that comes her way. She punches for like every think when she's mad, sad, excited, embarrasses. But she's a one of a kind so make sure you treat her right.
"Man I made a big mistake I want lavie back " 😭
by Human being December 22, 2016
Character from anime/manga D.Gray Man with orange hair and a hammer that changes size as his innocence. He is also a Bookman (in training).

"YUU-CHAN ARE YOU TH...Well isn't this a pretty picture Baka-Usagi"-Lavi to Kanda Yuu

"I thought Allen's left eye was a pretty handy thing but actually when I saw the raw soul of that Akuma I could honestly say I wouldn't want to have that eye. It was pretty rough. I felt so sick I couldn't eat for a while. The world that he sees it as...It's hell."- Lavi to Allen

"'Lavi' is the 49th alias, with just what number the alias I was I went and viewed battles. The 'hidden history' is handed down from person to person and excluded from the historical fact." - Lavi

"1 year, 2 years, the time spent at the Order passed on. I soon came to the point where I didn't know whether my smiling face was a lie or not" -Lavi

"Don't be taken by the war. We are only on the Order's side 'by chance' all for the sake of recording history" -Bookman to Lavi

" 'You' are a failure as a Bookman, 'Lavi' - Lavi's Alter ego to Lavi

"It's dinnertime Allen!! Dinnertime!!... Just wait and see, If allen's hungry he'll come running in an instant"-Lavi
by Tora-Nanashi June 28, 2009
the coolest, nicest, and funniest guy ever who loves play to videogames, beats me in iphone games, and is so fun to talk toooo because he makes me laugh alot :)
Lavi is one fun guy :)
by muffinandcoffeelover December 20, 2017
an extremely cute, pokeable being with a mustache of justice and a heart of gold.
lavy is so cute0r i just want to poke0r him. grengh
by matt0r January 24, 2003
Someone that isnt scared to do weird things in public. She is lying if she says that she doesn’t have more than 3 celebrity crush. She is ALWAYS doing some weird Tik Tok dances because she is addicted to it. Everybody judges her because she loves legos (especially the Star Wars ones). Also she is too ambitious, she wants to do tu much sports in a week (she doesn’t realis
Have you seen this girl in the street, she looks like a Lavi girl.
by fleuvinette June 4, 2020
an adjective describing an extremely rare or just overall awesome event; referencing to an item used to obtain the ultimate weapon in Phantasy Star Online, originally for the Sega Dreamcast.
Dude I can't believe he just happened to be there just as you said that! That was so lavis!
by seekerofthelavis September 21, 2009