5 definitions by Human being

1.People who attempt to boost their self-esteem or confidence by posting their most negative and stereotypical beliefs from the scial barrier of the Internet.

2.A person of low intellect.
3.A person incapable of earning their own living.
4.A person who, due to some profound physical/biological anomaly, is incapable of feeding, dressing, or bathing themselves.
5.Not necessarily somebody who goes to a particular website, enjoys a kind of music, supports a certain political party, etc. but a general description for a number of human beings regardless of race, nationality, religion(or lack thereof), etc.
6.A general social commentary used by people who believe that they are more inteligent than the other which basically means, "I don't like you, so I'm going to try to insult you."
She was an idiot! I don't like her.
by Human being November 2, 2003
This is a true definition of love and loyalty. A chrysanthus will have your back any day any time and they would never cheat. They’re always cute, soft hearted and caring. A chrysanthus would give you peace of mind
by Human being February 4, 2020
This beautiful outstanding amazing girl. She's everything a guy could ever want. She's faithful, loyal, trustworthy, honest, goofy and more. This girl is very different not like those other girls. Lavie has a big heart that tends to get played with and broken. lavie is also feisty and she is not afraid of anything that comes her way. She punches for like every think when she's mad, sad, excited, embarrasses. But she's a one of a kind so make sure you treat her right.
"Man I made a big mistake I want lavie back " 😭
by Human being December 22, 2016
1,024 terrabytes. A terrabyte is 1,024 gigabytes
I have 10 petabyte hard drive
by Human being November 2, 2003
A faggot's term for a swear or curse word. Usually used by 5-9 year old faggots that can't grasp the concept of language and free speech and instead delude themselves into thinking words can be bad.
"My comment in that video where i complained about that cave guy cursing was just me being in a bad mood my parents where fighting and saying bad words and i was tired of hearing bad words so i decided to express my anger by commenting in that video about cursing being stupid" - faggot moron YouTuber after complaining about cursing in an M-rated game video
by Human being December 12, 2013