(n) someone who obsesses over getting their drivers license and/or permit, and brings it up in casual conversation to the point that it becomes irritating
Buddy, we get that you can drive on your own in three weeks, no need to be a latta about it.
by somestudentyoudontknow March 27, 2007
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Surname of a biracial couple who uses the state to legally kidnap someone's children.
Our family was so happy until we met the Latta's.
by ViciousSpungenDungeon October 28, 2015
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Lattae is a nickname for a meme of a girl. She may act like a thot, but that’s LattaeTheThottae for you. She is probably the most caring and amazing friend. If you come to her for a problem your having she will do everything in her wise mind to help you. She is a beautiful girl who can easily just say one thing to get you to burst out laughing. If you every meet anyone that you can describe as a Lattae, which is hot, wet, and can keep you up all night. Than you got a friend for life!!
Girl 1: did you hear what Lattae did this morning?
Girl 2: no gurl, what?
Girl 1: I can’t say without laughing it’s too much. That Lattae is too crazy!
by Megaronie April 23, 2019
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A homo perverted freak who adds the word dick to the end of a joke and makes it not funny. He hangs out with people older than him and gets bananas thrown at him.
Kid: No, pull harder to get it open
Kid 2: That's what she said
Latta: Dick
Kid 1: No Latta, get out
by Undefeatable Ownage May 14, 2008
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A special type of coffee brewed by entrepreneur Zach Latta; a flavor of Latte.
Wassup, let's get some Latta Latte.

He'll make you a Latta Latte if you visit the office.
by prophetorpheus May 16, 2018
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