The former NBA player who is famous for inventing spinning rims, which are sometimes called sprewells in his honor, along with the Dada Supreme shoes which feature spinning rims. He was suspended from the NBA at one point for trying to strangle then punching his coach.
Damn, did you hear about what Latrell Sprewell did to his coach?!

Thanks to Latrell Sprewell the rims on my ride never have to stop spinning.
by agentsteve November 26, 2005
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When you skeet across a bitch then immediatly choke her out; as if to hide the evidence.
Johnny railed that chick so hard last night she was gonna file assault charge. He had to Crank Dat Latrell Sprewell and now he's royally fucked
by Satchmotown September 8, 2008
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The act of choking someone with both hands not thinking of the consequences
I got fired for latrell sprewelling my employer for calling me a liar
by Dexta Scott January 7, 2017
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