The ORIGINAL Latin people living in Latin Europe, or those elsewhere who have ancestory in Latin Europe.

Italians are Latin European. Think back to ancient Rome. What language did they speak? LATIN! What do all other romance languages derive from? LATIN!
by Nico Persaliano October 12, 2007
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A latin european is anyone of mediterranean european descent.
Southern French (inc. Monacoan), Italian (inc. Maltese, Sammarinian, and Vatican City), Spanish (inc. Andorran), Portuguese, Greek.

However, sometimes, "latin european" is also incorrectly used to refer to the "romance-speaking" (languages like French, Italian, Spanish, n Portuguese) nations of Europe.

It is the European term for "Latin American".
1. I'm from Latin Europe
2. So you're Latin European? Latin Europeans are sexy, apart from Vatican City people, they're religious)
1. LOLface, i no wot you mean.
2. I'm religious, i'm sexy, lets have sex twice in our whole life!
2. I'm the pope and I'm attractive!
3. Did I hear someone mention........ POPE?!
2. Ummm yeah, why?
3. Praise the pope!
1. Er.... yeah... wtf?
3. PRAISE PRAISE. The pope is a reincarnation of Jesus
2. Like seriously dude, christians dont believe in reincarnation.
3. But I'm not a christian.
1. Well why are you saying "praise the pope"?
3. I want to worship his body, and sex him when he's not looking.
1+2. Right, ok...
3. Ps, I hand out free handjobs ya no ;)
4. Did someone just say free handjobs???
3. Yes, I did!
1. Hey this discussion is meant to be about Latin Europeans btw...
4. I like handjobs
3. Where's your penis??
4. I cut it off :)
1+2+3. Uhhhhhhhhhhh!.... what??????
4. This way, I can wear tighter pants :)
1. omg...
2. he's naked
3. and he has no penis! I WANT you!!!!!
4. And the moral of this story is... Get naked, Get transgendered, and you can Get some SEX!
1. Er... this is SUPPOSED to be about Latin Europeans!!!!!
4. I'm Latin European.
2. No you're not, you have blond hair!
4. Oh :( Well I have black pubic hair...
1+2. Ewwwwwwwww
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