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A common term in Derbyshire for Fat Losers, usually men. If you are a lasty, you tend to be the sort of fat bloke who would come last in a race. Or in life in general. Notable behaviour of Lastys: they support Derby County FC, they are often big fat loud-mouths, they wouldn't be able to cut it in the army or the navy, they drive small Cars like Ford KAs and they have trouble staring down at their penises.
Johnny Vegas is a Lasty.
by Forest fan February 02, 2011
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The opposite of Firsties. A comment so out of place or terrible that it ends the online conversation taking place on a particular blog post, forum thread or Facebook wall post.
Hey, I know you simply wanted to show your affection by commenting on my wall or blog post, but you have clearly missed the entire point and your comment was effectively the stopping block of what could've been an engaging online conversation with social peers. You just made a Lasties.
by trustydog January 21, 2011
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